Director of DVV International - Country Office B&H (left) has signed the Agreement on Cooperation with the Minister of Education, Science, and Youth of Sarajevo Canton (right)

First module of the publicly recognised program of andragogical development "Basic adult education training" in Una-Sana Canton

H.E. German Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms Christiane Hohmann and Director of the DVV International - Country Office B&H Emir Avdagić, PhD at the event "Germany in B&H"

11th meeting of contact persons for adult education
April 2019, Brčko


The project foresees the establishment of institutional cooperation between public, private, and civil sectors in the field of adult education in Sarajevo Canton, as well as defining the needs of…

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The first module of the andragogical development for teachers in adult education from Una-Sana Canton was held on 12 and 13 June, in Bihać, for the first time based on a publicly recognised…

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On June 9, the director of the DVV International – Country Office Bosnia and Herzegovina held a lecture for students on the current state of adult education on global, European and national…

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Welcome to the DVV International Country Office B&H

DVV International began its work in Bosnia and Herzegovina in June 2000.

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