The role of ALE in coping with the corona pandemia

Crisis response of DVV International on how to use the potential of adult education and learning to combat the crisis, develop new offers, and ensure the sustainable future of ALE.

Societies around the globe have been hit hard by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). People are being affected in their daily lives and are concerned about the consequences for their health, jobs and well-being. In nearly all countries across the world, providers of youth and adult education have been forced to temporarily close their doors, with dramatic consequences for the sustainability of these institutions, their employees, and, not least, the learners. At the same time, adult learning and education (ALE) can contribute to mitigate the consequences of the crisis, offer badly needed education and training and support social action.

DVV international, as the only development partner focusing on ALE, suggests concepts on how ALE can contribute to managing the crisis by offering social and educational services, especially to vulnerable groups. At the same time, we urge governments and international actors to provide ALE providers – public, private and civil society organizations – and their staff with the necessary resources to deal with this situation. It is a joint responsibility of all stakeholders to ensure that non-formal education offers will continue to be available during the crisis and after.

DVV International views its role as supporting its partners to cope in the best possible way with the impact of the corona-crisis and to develop formats for essential ALE services as a response to this crisis. We will regularly inform and update about innovative initiatives developed by our projects and partners on how to deal with the crisis and provide necessary support to the people. The Corona virus is a global crisis, and we should ensure that the response to it will be truly global.

Please read our statement as a response to the crisis to find out how to use the potential of ALE to combat the crisis, develop new offers, and ensure the sustainable future of ALE. The statement is available here


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